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Choice of solution that suites your need’s - USP

Product Flavours

Private Cloud :

  • The Private Cloud solution from effitrac, gives you superior control over your cloud infrastructure, enabling you to manage all your resources as per your choice.
  • With effitrac’s Private Cloud solution, maximum levels of consistency and security are guaranteed. All the infrastructure is highly reliable and resilient to errors.

Public Cloud :

  • effitrac Public Cloud provides an easy, secure and affordable way to access your ERP.
  • In cloud both the individuals and the team are allowed to securely sync and use the software with ease. There is no necessity for costly infrastructure investments or expensive human resources to manage and integrate our ERP solution.
  • effitrac allows single-tenant and virtualization infrastructure, enabling only minimal "remote-hands" responsibilities for your staff.

On premise Installation :

  • effitrac on-premises deployment for companies is available. Customer can manage and maintain effitrac ERP behind their corporate firewall.
  • effitrac on-premises installation is considered to be easy customizable and is relatively simpler over the intranet, even data updating and data transfer becomes faster.

Stay Connected while on the go

Stay Connected while on the go
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved service delivery
  • Productivity improvement
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Retaining customer loyalty
  • Wining new customers
  • Providing end users with greater flexibility
  • Leveraging existing infrastructures to maximise logistics potential
  • Promising tangible business benefits such as real time return on investment (ROI)
  • Helping organisations gain and sustain a competitive advantage

Developing a solid business case to mobilise the company's workforce means carefully assessing the current challenges, scoping out the business solution, detailing the resulting benefits and determining the best technology solution.

The business benefits of an integrated mobility solution stretches right across the entire company, touching the lives and the roles of all levels of resources within the business. Congruent with the different mobility application areas, the benefits could equally be expected at the level of the generic mobile office, as well as specific application areas such as field service management.

End to End Automation

  • Running month-end financials
  • Accounts Payable (AP) Automation
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) Automation
  • Supplier Management
  • Ease the movement of data into and out of ERP systems
  • Improve application integration
  • Migrate to new ERP releases
  • Improve report generation

effitrac allows users to automate both simple and complex ERP processes. The best way to achieve automation cross your ERP processes is to work with one provider that can help you capture, manage and access data through every step of the information life cycle. A quick ROI, great support and a product built for reliability and ease of use, makes Effitrac the product of choice for SME's.

effitrac’s Intelligent Business Analytic helps Decision Making!

Business Analytics
  • Improving the decision making process (quality & relevance)
  • Speeding up of decision making process
  • Better alignment with strategy
  • Realising cost efficiencies
  • Responding to user needs for availability of data on timely basis
  • Improving competitiveness
  • Producing a single , unified view of enterprise information
  • Synchronising financial and operational strategy
  • Increase revenues
  • Sharing information with a wider audience

effitrac’s Business Analytic tool can help the organizations to get an enormous advantage in the market place.

effitrac RTM Improves Operational Efficiency

Real Time Monitoring
  • Improved operational competence by automatically driven processes and activity.
  • Reduce error due to human interaction by increasing the accuracy.
  • By delivering actionable intelligence to control processes, the cost can be brought down.
  • Expanding operative use of resources with analytical performance modelling.
  • Improved overall productivity, efficiency and quality with timely hands-off data capture and analysis of both machine and process performance data.
  • Improved data accuracy and integrity is established

effitrac’s Real time monitoring improves your overall productivity. The tool helps to gather data on a real time, keeping the management updated about status of the company’s operations. This helps the management to convert these data into action items and become more productivity.

effitrac ERP Customization on the Go!

  • Keep your finger on the pulse.
  • Accelerate communication.
  • Reduce everyday concerns.
  • Improve your customer & vendor relations.
  • Lower administrative costs by automating current office tasks.

You might think that your needs are fairly close to everyone else's, and you don't really need customised ERP software.

However, Generic approaches miss both simplifications and extra depth specific to your way of doing business. Customisation puts you and your staff at the heart of the system.

Every organisation work in a different way depending upon the size and the workflows they carry towards the growth of their business. It should also be noted that it is impossible for every organisation to work in a similar manner completely.

Therefore customised effitrac erp is a perfect solution that can be crafted as per the business, so to ensure the same workflows are in place.

Plug & Play -USP

Plug & Play
  • Extensibility: effitrac ERP or specific modules can be dynamically extended to include new features.
  • Parallel Development: Since all our features can be implemented as separate components, they can be developed in parallel by different teams according to the requirements.
  • Clear Development Direction: Since the plugin framework superlatively provides a well-defined interface and documentation, time is saved for the client as well as the onsite technical team.
  • Simplicity:By developing a single functionality plugin, providing for single focus on the clients time and needs.

effitrac ERP Upgraded services to the modules can be effortlessly added to the core system using our plug and play option. We professionally assist our clients at every phase in upgrading the system, training is provided to the employees on the unique modules.

The Upgrade Services gives our clients a fully convinced service solution that allows organizations to plug and play the services they need upgrade in order to improve their business.



HR & Payroll Management

effitrac’s HR & Payroll Management Systems are designed to resourcefully process the entire staff’s earnings and deductions of a concern in accordance.know more



effitrac's Financial Management module empowers an organization to effectively manage the progressively complex and multi-faceted.know more



Every organization has to constantly figure out how to control costs and risks, while saddled with an obsolete purchasing system.know more


Inventory Management

Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, management of your inventory is critical to control your costs and ensure constantly smooth operation.know more



Whether your manufacturing process is as simple as assembly of components or requires the scheduling and monitoring of multiple processes.know more


Sales & Service

Provision to capturesales - leads,Holds the track of revisions Quotation / Estimates issued to the customer, Initiate sales order from quotations issued.know more


Stock Transfer

The system supports multi-stores, System provides details of the Stock analysis that could be created, viewed, approve & dispatch.know more


Project Management

effitrac Project Management is a comprehensive solution for supervisors / managers who plan and execute simple or complex tasks/ projects.know more


Service Request

The system supports multi-stores, System provides details of the Stock analysis that could be created, viewed, approve & dispatch.know more

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