Discrete Manufacturing

Whether your business focuses on solely discrete projects or you do a mix of custom products, effitrac ERP provides best practice business processes to meet your needs. Meeting customer demand without compromising on quality or delivery is critical to maintaining supplier status with your customers and supply chain partners.

effitrac understands your need and offers a comprehensive solution portfolio, discrete manufacturing software, that enables you to plan, schedule, execute, and monitor your entire manufacturing business; from raw materials to final product to distribution and finance.

  • Balancing inventory investment with customer service levels
  • Controlling product design changes for Batch Manufacturers
  • Identifying and responding to seasonal demand patterns
  • Managing component requirements
  • Monitoring the quality of raw materials during production
  • Reducing forecast error

Industries which we are into are listed below:

  • Auto Components
  • Consumer Products
  • Hi-Tech
  • Industrial Machinery and Products
  • Textiles
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