HR & Payroll Management Systems

effitrac’s HR & Payroll Management Systems are designed to resourcefully process the entire staff’s earnings and deductions of a concern in accordance with statutory regulations governing employees with the following features herewith:

  • Core HR
    • Paperless HR
    • Statutory Compliance
    • Self Service Portal
  • Workforce Management
    • Leave Management
    • Employee Scheduling
    • Time and Attendance Management
  • Payroll
    • Loans & Advances
    • Bonus
    • Incentives
    • Tax
    • Expense claims and Adoc Deductions
    • Payroll Process
  • The programme is exclusively capable of generating user-defined accurate reports as well as obligatory statutory reports pertaining to rules and regulations. The Program highlights are as below:

  • Program eliminates unwarranted errors and speeds up the pay processes within required timeframe.
  • Ensures tax compliance automatically.
  • Provides complete control over the staff paying process.
  • Perfectly incorporates the payroll processes with predominant financial management system.
  • Appropriate User definable handling and payment periods like Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Yearly or any other user identified period required.
  • Tax Terminal benefits using any newly introduced rules or preferred guidelines
  • Programmed to Upkeep Periodic or Annual salary boosts which are well defined as per the various payroll categories and classifications.
  • Payroll Updates: The system is programmed to communicate messages to employees individually, locally, nationally, globally and/or collectively grouped by the Cost centre, Pay point or any other predefined categories and classification.
  • The system is designed to generate the reports / letters in multi-languages
  • Bio-metric device integration
  • Monitor’s the cost incurred against the project / work done – Business analytics
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