Inventory Managenent

Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, management of your inventory is critical to control your costs and ensure constantly smooth operation of your business.

effitrac's INVENTORY Management Software gives you real time information on current stock levels and values including stocked orders, raw materials, project progress and completed goods and capable of providing you with an accurate Supply Chain Management solution.

It is designed to handle every aspect of inventory controlling, providing the aptitude to track every step in the inventory life cycle, from the purchase order created initially for your supplier and the final shipment of the product to the customer.

With this software an organization can accomplish cohesive integration between pre-sales and post-sales activities distinctly. In addition, it expedites the purchase of goods or services from the perfect list of vendors.

Inventory control is the top most important factor in improving shop floor productivity, part and materials precisions and consequently, your bottom line. From reducing physical inventory evaluation to improving communicating to supplier, or to tracking outsourced parts to predicting immediate materials requirements, Inventory Software modules from effitrac helps control supply chain challenges faced by any organizations. Features include:

  • Separate inventory master records for each Stores / Distribution Centres / Production Bay Areas found in various independent locations across geography.
  • Provision to locate the inventory.
  • Sequential inventory control.
  • Provision to capture cost centres against the inventory movement.
  • Provision to capture Opening Stock against each stock keeping location.
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