Every organization has to constantly figure out how to control costs and risks, while saddled with an obsolete purchasing system.

Vital time is spent manipulating processes on various ERPs, besieged to connect with suppliers, and wrangling with users who want to do things their own way.

Now, just visualize what any organization could accomplish with Effitrac Procurement Software Solutions that deliver solutions, all in one place. The features include:

  • The broadest set of knowledge on the market.
  • It is user-friendly and gives the insight about the demand and supply(redo).
  • The most pre-enabled suppliers, plus easy supplier and catalogue enablement.
  • Configurable dashboards and reports.
  • The system has the provision to alert when the product level reaches the minimum quantity level.
  • Provision to initiate reorders based on reorder quantity level.
  • System has the facility to do UOM Conversions based on the category of that product.
  • Provision to capture Other Charges / Expensesalong with Purchase Order.
  • Initiate Purchase Orders directly either from the Work Orders / Productions Orders.
  • System has provision to capture the quality of the goods received and to process the returns.
  • Various business analytics to extract the inventory picture before initiating Procurement.
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