Professional Service

effitrac Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a professional management software - a complement of integrated applications - that any organization can use to collect, store, scope and deduce data from several business activities, including:

  • HR and Pay Roll Processing
  • Service delivery
  • Marketing and sales
  • Inventory management
  • Financial management

Being in Professional Services sector we understand every aspect of the industry, scaling every solutions for business operations, processes and strategic needs.


effitrac delivers integrated enterprise solutions that can boost an organization’s ability to hire, train and retain workforce, implement projects efficiently, manage finances comprehensively and provide superior customer service levels.

The Program expedites information flow between all commercial functions, and accomplishes connections to vested stakeholders. The program is an vital organizational tool because it integrates varied organizational systems and facilitates error-free transactions and production.

effitrac's ERP systems incorporates best practices to enable the software and help the vendor's to interpret the most effective way to execute their business processes.

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