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Are you a distributor or a sub-dealer looking forward to the right SaaS solution to manage your invoices and Van sales? Kudos! You have landed on the right page.

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Special Features for Distributors

Multi-Warehouse enabled solutions

Inventory tracking based on Lot, Batch, Exp Date, Mgf Date etc.. to automate your Inter-company transfers and entire downstream supply chain management processes.

Enable Van sales

Keep track of the vans that are on the move. Enable Android & iOS apps for the Sales team to track their location and automatically notify the delivery of shipment.

Quotation to Sales Invoice cycle

Notify the Sub-Dealers within the platform on below activities and transfer data electronically. Manage Quotation / Sales Invoice / Returns/ Credit /Debit Note and Delivery Challan.

Bid adieu to data theft!

Onboard Sub-Dealers/Sub-Contractors into the platform without compromising on the data piracy. Efficiently monitor your distribution network

View the Inventory status

Restricted & controlled (Inventory Category & Type) Access to the Inventory Status of the Sub-Dealers / Sub-Contractors based on the authorization.

Special Features for Sub-Dealers

RPA powered processes

End to End RPA enabled modules from CRM till financial accounting.

Workflow management

Workflows for the approval of purchase orders to the receipts captured from the Distributor system

View inventory status

Authorize distributors to view the inventory status based on inventory category

Bank reconciliation

Automatic Reconciliation of activities between Distributor & Sub-dealers.

Our USPs

Our winning USPs include Audit Logs for all the Activities and Dynamic Reports Framework

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