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Leverage our Performance Appraisal Software to track your team progress like never before!

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What are our unique selling points?

360? performance oriented processes

From goal-setting to feedback collection, we stand by you.


Empower your team through your positive feedback with our feedback collector tool.

Simple in usage

No more pesky processes! Manage your team performance in a few clicks.

Business intelligence enabled reports

Get real-time insights on your employee performance with our smart dashboards.

Quarterly/ half-yearly/annual Rating

Capture & document quarterly, half-yearly & annual feedback & ratings of the employees.

Mobile App enabled

View your team insights while you are on the go with our Mobile Apps.

Why choose effitrac Performance Appraisal Software?

  • Accurate, data-driven results that your employees love. Say goodbye to assumptions!
  • Happy employees = Happy customers
  • Single, centralized platform to track your employee performance activities. No more annoying spreadsheet tasks.

Do you have any requirements on task management? Do let us know.

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