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Your EPC Projects deserve a transparent, flexible and agile ERP platform

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Multi currency & Multi lingual facilities

We offer over 120 currency formats and support major languages all over the world. You can work in many languages from Tamil to Arabic.

Integrated HRMS & Payroll platform

Never delay your projects without proper manpower. Recruit the best manpower needed to complete your EPC Project.

Easier VISA Management

Easily manage your employee VISA by keeping track of their VISA details, VISA expiry date and so on.

Effective shipping & transportation solutions

Manage your shipping and transportation by keeping track of the products, compliance, formalities, shipping date and others.

Easier collaboration through stakeholders

Now collaborate with effective team leaders across the cultural and geographical boundaries through Effitrac.

Risk management

Some infrastructure plans or analysis might be outdated or unsuccessful. Never reuse them and repeat your mistakes .


Increase execution speed

Reduce time lags and fastly execute the processes.

Reduce delays and costs

Never spend unwantedly due to delay of project.

Adaptable and agile solution

The software is flexible enough to match your needs.

Know the right information

Our business intelligence never lets you down by providing you with correct data, that you can rely upon confidently.

Improve efficiency and profitability

Effitrac triggers your efficiency level to carry out the project. Make huge profits and turnovers with Effitrac, without much hassle.

Real-time envision

Make quick decisions by viewing your data in live. With data analytics and business intelligence, we offer the best real-time vision.

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