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Salient features of effitrac Sales Module

We do not compromise in the adequacy of the features. Have a look at them.
Quote to cash

Transform the customer and employee experience during the sales cycle. With effitrac, you can track them efficiently until you close your deal.


Be audit ready at a click away with effitrac's global taxation engine; generate reports and documents based on standards with effitrac.

Price Controls

Define workflows and control the activities. Allot the price for each commodity. Be in control of what you quote for your products or services.

Smarter Integration

Enable omni-channel experience by integrating the Sales module with E-Commerce and POS to ensure customer satisfaction and operation efficiency.

Multi currency

Create invoices and bill of materials with multiple currencies. Create invoices based on Automated 3-way currency conversion matching.

Smart Segments

Segmentize the sales and marketing strategies that are relatable to various needs, budgets, interests, or other criteria with multi-dimensional reporting.

Price List

Leverage our simplified, quickly viewable price list which you can access at a click. Define & map price list for group of customers. Price list could be a flat price or mark-up/dork-down on the unit price.


Communicate with your vendors, customers and sales team from anywhere, at anytime.

What are the special use cases that we have served?

Track Bill of Entry & Exit

Associate the Bill of Entry to the inventory. Create Bill of entry at a click based on the exact nature, quantity and goods value; Create Bill of exit whenever your goods are out of the free zone. Keep track of the importer code and it’s expiry date.

3-way currency conversion

Price of your Item could be in USD, local reporting currency could be AED and the transaction can be in AUD. Worry not, carry out currency conversion at a few clicks.

Categories Invoices

Categorize the invoice based on each sale and supply. With invoice auto-numbering, you can ensure that you never lose track of the invoices.

Automated P&L

Get clear forecasts on the profit and loss of each sale. Make smarter decisions on that basis.

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Customer Profiles

  • Price List
  • Tier Management


  • Inquiry
  • Quotation
  • Invoices
  • Order processing
  • Delivery
  • Invoicing
  • RFID Integrated sales
  • Multiple Currency

Why should you enable effitrac Sales module?

  • Enable super-fast and smart Sales processes
  • Improve your productivity
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Control your pricing
  • Improve team efficiency
  • Manage your invoices without any fuss

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