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Right from task planning to final reporting, effitrac stands by you through the entire task management process.

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Features of our Task Management Software that rocks the floor!

Task assignment

Right from the moment you assign the task to someone else, you can track the progress with our powerful SaaS tool.

Segregate parent and child tasks

Simplify the complicated projects and tasks by breaking them down into smaller chunks.

Notify automatically

Whenever the task is due, notify your teams and get the task done.

Time sheet

Get to know the productivity and efficiency of your team members by viewing the timesheet and intelligent dashboards.


Filter the task based on the unique ID, domain and the type of the task that is on progress.

Unique ID

Get a unique ID for each task you perform. View the details of the tasks through this ID.

Why should you choose us?

  • Transparency, productivity and technology- these are our driving forces.
  • We offer agile flexible, agile solutions that suit your business.
  • Our products are known for their industry standards and quality-driven approach.
  • Enable our Mobile-friendly solutions for easy access
  • Customization at it’s core- that defines us. Customize the software based on your business needs.

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