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Empower employees with access to their HR records and payroll details with our Employee Self Service (ESS) module.

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Why we proposed Employee Self Service portal?

We live in an era where everything is in our hand’s reach, in a simplified and customizable form. We wish our customer's employees a simple, accurate and user-friendly experience to access their data for which they need no prior training or expertise. Hence we have proposed our Employee Self Service portal.

Prominent features of the Employee Self Service portal

Team Management

Keep your team updated of their leaves, get reminders on special occasions such as birthdays or work anniversaries.

Geo-tagging Approval

Track & approve team members attendance captured using mobile-app on the go.

Leave Application

With a click, access the leave application of your employee and approve or disapprove it as per the norms.


Track your team’s working hours, ODs, holidays and much more with effitrac. Get clear insights on leave accrual and leave encashment.

Loan & Advance Application

Let it be loan reimbursement or loan approval, carry out with a few clicks. Gain access to the history of such operations.

IT Declaration

Declare your employee’s projected expenses and expected investments. Calculate next taxable income and monthly income tax at an instant based on it.

TDS Summary

Bid goodbye to the prolonging processes and enable simplified options for TDS. Deduce tax accurately and get a clear summary of it with effitrac.


Stay in touch with your employees by sending them with payslips and payment confirmation messages through our integrated Email/SMS services.

Reimbursement Application

With effitrac, you will be able to pay your employees back through simplifying the entire reimbursement approval process within a few steps.


Empower HR with ad-hoc deduction for the irregular deduction transactions. Deduce on a daily, cyclic, monthly and yearly manner while you are processing your payroll activities.

Mobile Apps

Manage your HR & Payroll process from any mobile device using effitrac mobile app with following features

  • Geo-tagged attendance
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee dashboard
  • Biometric integration

Benefits of enabling Employee Self Service Portal

  • Happy employees, happy customers
  • Better communication
  • No more paperworks, automate the entire HR processes
  • Empowered teams lead to increased productivity

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