Streamline your rental and leasing with effitrac rental management system

effitrac provides you with an integrated platform for all your rental/lease management needs. with asset, tenant, equipment and finance management all under one platform, effitrac helps you to be on top

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Rental Management Software

Effitrac provides a single window for all your rental management needs from
Rental, leasing to accounting and maintenance.


Carry out asset rental, lease maintenance without
any hassle using Effitrac

Asset Register & Categorization
  • Register and Categorize all your assets by location
  • Enable custom configurations for locations
Rent & Lease Management
  • Move-in/Move-out management
  • Asset wise Receivables management
  • Asset wise Expense tracking
Tenant Register
  • Rent / Tenant master
  • Multiple lease option
  • Dynamic Receipt scheduling
Equipment Management
  • Equipment Geo location tagging
  • Tickets & Service mapping
  • Service inventory
Financial Module
  • Billing - lease / rent / maintenance bills
  • PDC management, collection schedule
  • Expenses management – maintenance and others

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