Internal Procurement at ease!

Gain insight into inventory transfer between stores. With Sub Dealer views, be in constant control over stock control.

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What are the features that we offer?

We offer effective features that would have a remarkable impact on your Stock transfer. Have a look at them
Transfer Approvals Flow

From the moment the stock enters your warehouse to the moment it leaves, you are going to be the one who would control the transfer approval flows. Check the availability of stock, get it approved and transfer it accordingly.

Stick by Compliances

Follow the regulations without any confusion with effitrac. Our Software supports both Indian GST compliances and GCC VAT compliances. Carry out accounting processes during stock transfer based on it.

Get clear Inventory Insights

Get clear, real-time insights on your inventory. Know when the stock goes out, how many stocks are available in the inventory, expired items and inventory ageing.

Ensure Quality Control

Keep control over the quality aspects. Always be audit-ready with effitrac.

Special Use Cases that we serve

Inventory visibility from other stores

Get clear inventory insights from any corner of the world with our mobile app. Compare and contrast the availability of stock in each inventory and make quicker decisions.

Dealer / Sub-dealer views

Gain visibility based on hierarchy. Compare different dealers and sub-dealers. Segregate them and track them with ease.

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