Capture, segment, target, score & win the best leads effortlessly with effitrac!

From that intro mail to the final onboarding process, effitrac Lead Management Software stands by you!

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What are the features that we offer?

Leads are opportunities in disguise to skyrocket your business to the next level. Never miss a single deal with effitrac Lead Management Software! Here is what we offer
Task, Notes, Events, Calls

Keep track of the client related activities in a hassle-free manner.

Contacts Management

Manage your contacts, follow-up with them and never miss a deal.

Calendar - tasks, events, calls

Get notifications and reminders on tasks, events and calls.

Opportunities Pipeline Management

Answer important client questions, focus on what really matters and never miss an opportunity.

Business Intelligence

You can generate smart reports, get real-time insights in the form of charts, graphs and improve your productivity.

Email / SMS Integration

Plan your email and SMS campaigns with effitrac. Enable attractive templates to impress your clients with your email campaigns.

Segment Leads

Segment the leads based on the characteristic of the lead and target them to closure.

Score Leads

Rank the leads against the scale & prioritise the best leads for better results.

Special use-cases that we serve with enthusiasm

Mobile Apps

Connect with your clients and BDE team anywhere, at anytime

Target Groups

Group your business partners, contacts or marketing team to carry out target-oriented campaigns

Advanced Lead Segmentation

Segment your leads based on location, characteristics, interests and requirements at a single click

Data Collection & Integration

Integrate the data from spreadsheets and other software like Oracle, SAP etc., and get easy-access to the data with our cloud-enabled CRM Solutions.

Why should you choose effitrac?

We offer a flexible solution that matches with the changing time period. These are the benefits that you can avail with our Software

  • Deal with the deals like a leader does.
  • Never get muddled with managing your lead activities
  • Plan out effective campaigns
  • Enable our Mobile-friendly solutions for easy access
  • Unique, business-oriented CRM Software solutions

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